SftTree/OCX 7.5 - ActiveX Tree Control


BackgroundPicture Property, SftTree Object

Defines the graphic displayed as the control's background.



VB.NETrefPictureObj = object.BackgroundPicture As System.Drawing.Image
VBSet refPictureObj = object.BackgroundPicture As IPictureDisp
C#.NETSystem.Drawing.Image refPictureObj = object.BackgroundPicture;
VC++IPictureDisp* refPictureObj = object->GetBackgroundPicture();
CHRESULT object->get_BackgroundPicture(IPictureDisp** refPictureObj);


VB.NETobject.let_BackgroundPicture(ByVal refPictureObj As System.Drawing.Image)
VBobject.BackgroundPicture = refPictureObj As IPictureDisp
C#.NETvoid object.let_BackgroundPicture(System.Drawing.Image refPictureObj);
VC++void object->PutBackgroundPicture(IPictureDisp* refPictureObj);
CHRESULT object->put_BackgroundPicture(IPictureDisp* refPictureObj);


VB.NETobject.BackgroundPicture = refPictureObj As System.Drawing.Image
VBSet object.BackgroundPicture = refPictureObj As IPictureDisp
C#.NETSystem.Drawing.Image object.BackgroundPicture = refPictureObj;
VC++void object->PutRefBackgroundPicture(IPictureDisp* refPictureObj);
CHRESULT object->putref_BackgroundPicture(IPictureDisp* refPictureObj);


A SftTree object.


A Picture object. This Picture object contains the graphic used as the control's background. The refPictureObj object must represent a bitmap and cannot represent an icon or a metafile. For information about picture properties, please visit the applicable section "Using SftTree/OCX with ...".


The BackgroundPicture property defines the graphic displayed as the control's background.

The BackgroundPicture and BackgroundPictureH properties are synonyms, but accept different value types (Picture object reference or Windows bitmap handle).

If the Background property defines a valid bitmap, this bitmap is displayed as the tree control's background. If the background bitmap is too small to fill the entire client area of the tree control, it is tiled. The properties BackgroundX and BackgroundY can be used to define an offset with which the bitmap should be aligned. The background bitmap is aligned with the top, left edge of the tree control window (not the client area) if 0 is specified.

The BackgroundStyle property defines whether the bitmap is centered or should be scrolled horizontally when the tree control contents are scrolled horizontally.

The row header area, row/column header area and column header do not display the background bitmap. These areas are not transparent.

There is no default background bitmap. Bitmap transparency is not used for the background bitmap.

If a background bitmap is used, the background colors defined for the tree control, columns and cells should be set to the default values, so these do not interfere with the background bitmap.

When using RightToLeft for right-to-left reading support, the bitmap origin is the top, right corner of the tree control window. The properties BackgroundX and BackgroundY specify offsets relative to the top, right edge of the tree control window. In this case, the bitmap is also tiled right to left.

Using PutRef (see Syntax above) the control will use the reference to the Picture object. If the Picture object is later changed, this will also affect the image used by the control. Using Put instead causes the control to create a copy of the Picture object. If the Picture object is later changed, this will not affect the image used by the control as it uses a copy of the object. Because of the additional overhead and the increased resource use of Put, PutRef is the preferred method.

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