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MakeIntegralHeight Method, SftTree Object

Vertically resizes the tree control so visible items are displayed in their entirety.


VB.NETobject.MakeIntegralHeight(ByVal Height As Single)
VBobject.MakeIntegralHeight(ByVal Height As Single)
C#.NETvoid object.MakeIntegralHeight(float Height);
VC++HRESULT object->MakeIntegralHeight(float Height);
CHRESULT object->raw_MakeIntegralHeight(float Height);


A SftTree object.


The height to be used for integral height calculation. If 0 is used, the current tree control height is used.


The MakeIntegralHeight method vertically resizes the tree control so visible items are displayed in their entirety.

The MakeIntegralHeight and MakeIntegralHeightPix methods are synonyms, but may use different coordinate systems.

The Height value specifies the maximum height of the tree control to use. The MakeIntegralHeight method calculates the largest height of the tree control (smaller or equal to Height) so that no partial items are displayed and resizes the control vertically using the calculated height. This method takes all tree control attributes into consideration, including the presence of a horizontal scroll bar.

The MakeIntegralHeight method should be used after all tree control attributes have been set and all items have been added. If tree control attributes are changed after using the MakeIntegralHeight method, the tree control does not automatically resize if items become partially visible.

The MakeIntegralHeight method has no effect if variable height items are used (see Items.Style).

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