SftTree/OCX 7.5 - ActiveX Tree Control


Progress Bars

SftTree/OCX supports a simple progress bar display in each cell. If enabled, the progress bar is rendered as cell background, with the cell text and image displayed in the cell as usual. For a partial height progress bar, the cell background is also rendered using the defined background colors.

The Cell.ProgressValue property defines the current value (between 0 and Cell.ProgressMax, inclusive) of the progress bar and the progress bar is rendered proportionally to the size of the cell.

The progress bar for a cell is rendered using the colors defined with the Cell.ProgressColor and Cell.ProgressColorEnd properties. The orientation of the gradient fill can be defined using the Cell.ProgressColorOrientation property. The appearance of the progress bar can be defined with the Cell.ProgressStyle property.

A progress bar is only shown for the cell if its Cell.ProgressMax property is set to a value other than 0.

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