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FlybyHighlight Event, SftTree Object

The item highlighted by flyby highlighting has changed.


VB.NETPrivate Sub object_FlybyHighlight(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As EventArgumentType) Handles object.FlybyHighlight
VBPrivate Sub object_FlybyHighlight(ByVal ItemIndex As Long)
C#.NETvoid object_FlybyHighlight(object sender, EventArgumentType e);
VC++void OnFlybyHighlightobject(long ItemIndex);
CHRESULT OnFlybyHighlightobject(long ItemIndex);


A SftTree object.


The zero-based index number of the item highlighted by flyby highlighting. If -1 is specified, there is no highlighted item.


The FlybyHighlight event occurs when the item highlighted by flyby highlighting has changed. This could be used to update status information elsewhere on a form.

Tree control properties should not be updated while handling this event.

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