SftTabs/DLL 6.5 - Tab Control


Window Styles

The following tab control window styles are available in addition to the standard window styles (such as WS_BORDER, WS_TABSTOP, etc.). The tab control styles can be retrieved using GetWindowLong. It is not possible to set the styles using SetWindowLong. These styles are used to describe the features available with the current tab control. SetControlInfo can be used to change tab control attributes.

Once a tab style has been defined using SetControlInfo by supplying a style value in the SFTTABS_CONTROL structure, the tab control sets the window style bits listed below to indicate what features the current tab control supports. The actual tab style (SFTTABSSTYLE_xxx) can also be found in the window's style information. For an up-to-date list of style values, see the header file SftTb.h in the directory \Program Files (x86)\Softelvdm\SftTabs DLL 6.5\Include (unless changed during installation).


This style bit is used to determine if the current tab control supports a client area. If this style bit is on, the tab control can be defined as having a client area (using SFTTABS_CONTROL, fClientArea).


This style bit is used to determine the basic orientation of tab rows. If this style bit is on, the tab control's tabs are arranged horizontally within one row, otherwise they are arranged vertically.


The tab control supports left and right margins between the tab control border and the first tab.


The tab control supports multiline tab labels if this style bit is on, otherwise only single line labels are available.


The tab control supports more than one row of tabs if this style bit is on.


The tab control supports scrollable tabs if this style bit is on.


The tab control supports Windows themes if this style bit is on.

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