SftTabs/DLL 6.5 - Tab Control


Wizard-Style Dialogs

It is very easy to implement Wizard-style dialogs with SftTabs/DLL. SftTabs/DLL offers a special tab control style that does not display any tabs, but still manages all required attached pages. Because the tab control doesn't offer any visible tabs, an external event such as a button click has to be used to change the tab control's current tab (using SetCurrentTab). The application has to explicitly control the current tab. By changing the current tab, the application can navigate all tab pages.

Wizard-Style Dialog

During development of an application, it may be easier to use a regular tab style, so the programmer can test the pages simply by clicking on a tab. Once the pages have been debugged and tested, the tab control style can be changed to a wizard style tab control.

An application can use the SftTabs_PaintBitmap function to paint a bitmap on a dialog.

SftTabs/DLL includes two samples that demonstrate how to implement Wizard-style dialogs.

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