SftTabs/DLL 6.5 - Tab Control



Sets the current data modification flag for the tabbed dialog.


virtual void CSftTabsPage::SetModified(BOOL fModified = TRUE);



The new value to be saved as the data modification flag. TRUE if data has been modified, FALSE otherwise.


The SetModified function sets the current data modification flag for the tabbed dialog.

The maintenance of the data modification flag is up to the application. When input data is altered, the tabbed dialog or page should use CSftTabsDialog::SetModified or CSftTabsPage::SetModified to mark data as modified. There is only one data modification flag for a tabbed dialog. When using CSftTabsPage::SetModified (a page), the tabbed dialog's modification flag is updated, so a subsequent CSftTabsPage::GetModified (by another page attached to the same tab control) will return the value of the tabbed dialog's modification flag.

An application could override the CSftTabsDialog::SetModified member function to visually notify the user that data has been modified. SetModified could be implemented to change the OK button's caption to "Save".

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