SftTabs/DLL 6.5 - Tab Control


SftTabs/DLL Wizard

During the installation of SftTabs/DLL, an icon for the application "Wizard" is installed in the program group SftTabs DLL 6.5.

SftTabs/DLL Wizard

The SftTabs/DLL Wizard is a tool used to assist the developer in creating a tab control layout and in populating the tab control with suitable tab labels. The SftTabs/DLL Wizard can generate the necessary run-time source code in C or C++ for MFC, which can then be copied into an application. The source code does require minor modifications once it has been copied into an application. A tab layout can be saved in tab files (*.TAB), which can be further edited at a later time using the SftTabs/DLL Wizard.

The SftTabs/DLL Wizard has access to most SftTabs/DLL styles and tab control features.

The SftTabs/DLL Wizard's main window can be used to select a tab style, change tab control attributes, add or delete tabs, set tab attributes and much more. Any changes made to a tab layout are immediately reflected in the Sample window.

The Sample window can be resized to adjust the size of the control. If a tab control doesn't provide a client area, the sample window cannot be resized. When switching between tab styles or changing tab control attributes, the SftTabs/DLL Wizard automatically resizes the sample window if necessary.

The SftTabs/DLL Wizard can be used to generate the source code for the current tab control attributes, by using the C and C++/MFC tabs.

The SftTabs/DLL Wizard can also provide an immediate view of the main tab control structure SFTTABS_CONTROL. This control information is accessible by clicking on the Control tab of the main window. All members of the SFTTABS_CONTROL structure are shown and are immediately updated when changes are made to the tab control.

When a new tab is created (using the File, New menu command or by clicking on the Tab Gallery... button), the SftTabs/DLL Style Gallery dialog is presented. This dialog offers a variety of tab styles to choose from as a basis for the tab control to be created. The developer can then refine the control attributes, add or delete tabs, change tab labels, etc.

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