SftTabs/DLL 6.5 - Tab Control


SftTabs/DLL - Tab Control

SftTabs/DLL is a DLL-based tab control for the Windows™ operating system, offering an alternative method of displaying multiple dialogs or cascading menu selections, by displaying tabs as found in a file cabinet or a notebook.

Tab Control

SftTabs/DLL offers many features; from a simple, single-row tab control to a multi-row, multi-color tab control in a notebook style.

  • SftTabs/DLL Wizard
  • 75 customizable tab styles
  • Single or multiple tab rows
  • Different color tabs
  • Themes support for Windows XP and above
  • Transition effects
  • Background bitmaps and transparent controls
  • Customizable images on each tab for regular, hot and disabled tabs using bitmaps, icons, image lists, GDI+ images, checkboxes, radiobuttons.
  • Hidden tabs
  • Enabled/disabled tabs
  • Single or multiline tab labels
  • Selectable tab label text alignment (left, right, center)
  • Built-in Minimize, Restore, Close buttons
  • Wizard-style dialogs
  • Tabbed dialogs and tabbed windows
  • Tab reordering
  • Tab drag & drop
  • Up to 32 rows of tabs
  • Up to 256 tabs per tab control
  • Multiple tab styles
  • Tab colors can change based on tab status
  • Fixed or variable width tabs
  • Tab control with or without client area
  • ToolTips
  • Flyby highlighting
  • Ellipses for truncated tab text
  • Scrollable tabs
  • User-customizable scroll button bitmaps
  • Reduced menu complexity by using tab controls
  • Support for C and C++ (MFC) using Visual Studio
  • Support for Windows 2000 through Windows 10 and their server editions (32-bit and 64-bit applications)
  • Complete implementation, not a sub/superclassed Windows control

SftTabs/DLL Wizard Application

The SftTabs/DLL Wizard allows you to design and test a tab control without any programming. Tab labels, the number of tab rows, tab colors, icon and bitmap locations are just a few of the items you can customize. Once you are satisfied with your tab control look, the SftTabs/DLL Wizard can even generate the required run-time code for C or C++ with MFC. So your programming effort is kept to a minimum.

Source Code

The source code for the MFC classes for tab control access, tabbed dialogs and tabbed windows is supplied. Any application that you develop can use SftTabs/DLL royalty-free (some restrictions apply), as long as only the DLL is shipped with your application.

Languages Supported

SftTabs/DLL supports C, C++ and other languages when using the standard SendMessage Windows API. The DLLs can be called using the definitions provided in the supplied header file. In addition, SftTabs/DLL is shipped with class definitions which support the Microsoft Foundation Class Library (MFC).

Environments Supported

  • 32-bit applications on Windows XP and Windows 2000 through Windows 10 and their server editions.
  • 64-bit support when running Windows XP through Windows 10 and their server editions on 64-bit processors.

UNICODE support is available for all platforms.

The product supports the same easy to use API on all platforms.


Any application that you develop can use SftTabs/DLL royalty-free in run-time only mode; design-time features are not available. Each user (developer) who needs access to any portion of the product must license a copy of SftTabs/DLL.

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