SftTabs/DLL 6.5 - Tab Control


Drag & Drop

Drag & drop to other applications and tab controls is available for all tab styles. The user can move the position of a tab by pressing the mouse button, dragging the tab to another position and releasing the mouse button.

Tab reordering is enabled by setting the SFTTABS_CONTROL fDragDrop member to TRUE.

While a drag & drop operation is in progress, the application must handle the SFTTABSN_DRAGMOVE event and can update the drag & drop information returned by GetDragInfo using SetDragInfo.

The application must also implement the SFTTABSN_DRAGDROP notification and move the tab based on the drag & drop information returned by GetDragInfo. Drag & drop between tab controls and applications requires the application to move any data that needs to be moved/copied. There is no built-in or default implementation, as data transfer between applications and tab controls is highly application specific.

See SFTTABS_CONTROL, fDragDrop member

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