SftMask/OCX 7.0 - ActiveX Masked Edit Control


Insert/Overtype Mode

SftMask/OCX supports both insert and overtype mode.

Insert ModeOvertype Mode

Insert mode is the standard mode for edit controls. A vertical bar shows the insertion point.

Overtype mode is visually indicated by the selection which is automatically extended to include one character position (if possible). If data entry is not possible, the selection is not extended and only the insertion point is shown.

The user switches between insert and overtype mode using the Insert key. The application can switch between modes using the Insert property.

The InputMode property is used to define the control's insert/overtype mode behavior.

To allow an application to display the current insert/overtype mode, e.g., in a status bar, the InputModeUpdate event is used to notify the application of any mode change that may occur, through user interaction, input focus change or application driven changes. By responding to the InputModeUpdate event, an application is guaranteed to be notified of the current input mode.

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