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Image Property, SftPictureObject Object

Defines the image object using a GDI+ image.



VB.NETGDIPlusImage = object.Image As Integer
VBGDIPlusImage = object.Image As LONG_PTR
C#.NETint GDIPlusImage = object.Image;
VC++LONG_PTR GDIPlusImage = object->Image;
LONG_PTR GDIPlusImage = object->GetImage();
CHRESULT object->get_Image(LONG_PTR* GDIPlusImage);


VB.NETobject.Image = GDIPlusImage As Integer
VBobject.Image = GDIPlusImage As LONG_PTR
C#.NETint object.Image = GDIPlusImage;
VC++LONG_PTR object->Image = GDIPlusImage;
void object->PutImage(LONG_PTR GDIPlusImage);
CHRESULT object->put_Image(LONG_PTR GDIPlusImage);


A SftPictureObject object.


Defines the image object using a GDI+ image.


The Image property defines the image object using a GDI+ image. The image remains owned by the application and must remain valid as long as it is used by the control. Once it is no longer needed, it must be deleted by the application. Most languages, except C++, automatically delete the object when it is no longer needed so no action is usually necessary.

The Image property offers support for PNG, TIFF, JPEG, GIF, Exif, EMF+, EMF (GDI+ images) with full support for alpha-blended (translucent and semi-transparent) images.

Typically, .NET applications use the NETImageObject property to define an image, C and C++ applications use BitmapHandle or Image, VB6 and other COM applications use the Picture property.

SetImage can also be used to define the image object using a GDI image, but is also assign ownership of the GDI+ image to the control, so it automatically deletes the object when it is no longer needed. This is typically only used by C++ applications that have direct access to GDI+ classes.

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