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Popup Calendar

Date input fields can optionally display a popup calendar, based on the EditStyle property settings. Pressing the Alt+Down arrow keys or clicking on the drop down button will display the popup calendar. The calendar can also be made visible automatically every time the control receives the input focus by using the Calendar.DropOnFocus property.

Once the popup calendar is displayed, the user can select a particular date (see Keyboard & Mouse Interface for details).

The user can press Enter after selecting a date, which closes the popup calendar and enters the date into the Masked Edit control. Clicking outside of the calendar window has the same effect.

By pressing the Escape key, the user can abandon any selection and the contents of the Masked Edit control are unchanged.

The Calendar property provides access to the SftMaskCalendar object with its various properties and methods associated with the popup calendar.

An application can customize the display of the calendar using the properties accessible through the SftMaskCalendar object. In addition, the UpdateMonth event is invoked every time a new month is displayed, giving the application the opportunity to highlight certain dates using the Calendar.BoldDate property.

The drop down button can be disabled using the LockedDropDown property.

The dropdown button supports hot-tracking starting with Windows 98 and Windows 2000 (see HotTrack property). On earlier Windows versions this property has no effect.

The Rollup method can be used to close the popup calendar, popup calculator and autocomplete window.

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