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Up/Down Buttons

A numeric input field can be defined to accept up/down button clicks. Up/down buttons are only displayed if the EditStyle property is suitably defined and if the numeric field uses the ^ subtoken (see Mask property).

Numeric fields with a minimum/maximum range require no further programming to allow the up/down buttons to increment/decrement the current value. For other numeric fields (without minimum/maximum range), the UpDownPress event must be implemented to increment/decrement the current value under program control. Using the UpDownPress event, an application can implement its own minimum/maximum range and also a delayed or custom increment.

The UpDownHandled event occurs after the control contents have been modified using the up/down button.

Up/down buttons support hot-tracking starting with Windows 98 and Windows 2000 (see HotTrack property). On earlier Windows versions this property has no effect.

The up/down buttons can be disabled using the LockedUpDown property.

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