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When defining input masks with multiple numeric fields (or date/time components), the AutoAdvance property can be used to automatically move the caret location to the next available input position once a numeric field has been completed.

Example Input Mask: \V\a\l\u\e \1\: $^C2.2 \V\a\l\u\e \2\: $^C3.2

This mask defines two input fields, each with the built-in popup calculator available.

As the user enters data into the first field, the caret location will advance to the next field as soon as the first field is full or if a character is typed that logically can no longer be entered into the first field.

If AutoAdvance is set to False, typing 12.33 would result in the following, leaving the caret location at the end of the first input field:

If AutoAdvance is set to True, typing 12.33 would fill the first input field completely and the caret location would automatically move to the next input field:

The AutoAdvance property is usually used with date and time fields, so fewer keystrokes are required for data entry.

The TabAdvance and TabAdvanceLast properties can be used to control the use of the Tab key within the Masked Edit control.

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