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SftTabsTab.Visible Property

Defines whether the tab is visible.


VBBoolean = object.Visible As Boolean
VBobject.Visible = Boolean As Boolean


A SftTabsTab object.


Defines whether the tab is visible.

TrueThe tab is visible.
FalseThe tab is hidden.


The Visible property defines whether the tab is visible.

A hidden tab is never displayed. All its associated controls are completely hidden also and the user cannot make the tab visible. Only the application can make a hidden tab visible. This is not equivalent to a tab that is currently not visible because the tab may have scrolled off the edge of the control. Such a tab still has a Visible property of True, but may currently not be visible to the end-user.

A hidden tab cannot be made the currently active tab. The Tabs.Current property and the mouse and keyboard interface will not allow a hidden tab to become the active tab.

Hidden tabs are best used in situations where certain groups of users should not have access to all tabs of a tab control, without being aware that additional tabs may exist. Otherwise, disabling a tab is possible using the Tab.Enabled property. A disabled tab is still visible to the end user.


Private Sub Form_Load()
    Dim TabIndex As Integer
    With SftTabs1
        TabIndex = .Tabs.Add("First Tab")
        .Tabs.Current = TabIndex
        TabIndex = .Tabs.Add("Hidden Tab")
        .Tab(TabIndex).Visible = False
        TabIndex = .Tabs.Add("Third Tab")
    End With
End Sub

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