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Wizard-Style Dialog

A Wizard-style dialog as commonly found in Windows applications is easily implemented with the special tab control style styleSftTabsWizard (see Style).

This special tab control style does not display any tabs, but manages controls in the tab control's client area. An external event, such as a Next or Previous button manipulates the tab control's current tab (Tabs.Current property). The tab control maintains controls in the client area so switching of the controls associated with each (invisible) tab is fully automatic.

When designing a Wizard-style dialog, the top edge of the control displays the current tab index. By clicking on that area, a popup menu is accessible which can be used to switch to other tab pages, easily changing the current tab at design-time. This area is not visible at run-time and only the application can switch to another tab at run-time. It is also possible to use the property dialog Tabs or Tab Details page to switch the current tab.

The included Wizard sample demonstrates how a Wizard-style dialog is implemented.

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