SftPrintPreview/OCX 1.0 Documentation

Product Description

SftPrintPreview/OCX is an ActiveX control for the Windows™ operating system, offering print preview and printing support for applications.

Print Preview Control

SftPrintPreview/OCX is a completely self-contained Print Preview control, offering numerous features speeding up the development of end-user applications requiring sophisticated print preview and printing support:


Any application that you develop can use SftPrintPreview/OCX royalty-free in run-time only mode; design-time features are not available. Each user (developer) who needs access to design-time features must license a copy of SftPrintPreview/OCX.

Languages Supported

SftPrintPreview/OCX supports all popular ActiveX (OCX) platforms, such as Visual Studio .NET, Visual Basic, Visual C++ and many more. Feature limitations may exist depending on the platform used. These are generally caused by the platform, rather than our control product, which implements the current ActiveX control standards specifications. Notably drag & drop and the RenderContent event may be limited or unavailable in some control containers. Visual Basic 6.0 does not allow use of the RenderContent event, which precludes the display of application-generated output.

Environments Supported

SftPrintPreview/OCX supports Windows 98/ME and Windows 2000, Windows XP and above, including all server editions, using the same set of properties, events and methods.

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