SftOptions 1.0 - ActiveX Options Control
ActiveX Registry/INI File Access
Published by Softel vdm, Inc. - 11/02/2009

 SftOptions is an easy to use control that can be added to your application in minutes to implement complete end-user customization of your application.

The product includes two controls.  One provides the complete, customizable user interface:

Sample Options Dialog

You define all available application options at design-time (or you can of course also add them at run-time).  SftOptions takes care of reading the INI file or Registry where settings are stored and displays them in the SftOptions user interface control.  The end-user can change all options using the intuitively simple check boxes and radio buttons the control provides. Finally, the control saves all settings, again in the INI file or Registry.

Options Control with ToolTip

If this sounds too simple, try our demo and look at how much, ahem, how little code you will have to write!

In addition, you'll receive a second control which is used to simplify INI file and Registry access.  Not that it's overly complicated to begin with, but with this control you can easily switch between INI file and the Windows Registry and you'll only need one line of code to retrieve an options setting:

applicationOption = SftOptsIO1.OptionValue("WantSplashScreen")

With very little effort, you can add that "professional touch" to your applications. End-user customization of your applications can easily be added to your applications with SftOptions!

Property Pages


SftOptions supports all languages supported by the .NET framework and Visual Studio .NET, Visual Basic 6, Visual C++ (unmanaged C/MFC/ATL/C++), Delphi and most other development tools that support ActiveX controls.

  • Includes a complete user interface control for application options management.
  • Includes a control for simplified Registry and INI file I/O to access and modify application options.
  • Minimal development effort through complete design-time support.
  • Easy run-time retrieval of defined options from the Windows Registry or an INI file.
  • Full support for context-sensitive (What's This) help.
  • Support for status bar help information.
  • Windows themes support.
  • Dual interfaces throughout for optimum performance.
  • ATL based control, no MFC DLLs or other DLLs required.

Product Documentation

Complete syntax for Visual Basic, Visual C++, .NET, C and Delphi are included eliminating the usual "guessing game" common with ActiveX controls.

Help Syntax Example


About 15MB of disk space are needed to install the developer version of SftOptions, 350KB for the control only. Of course, the controls included in SftOptions can be redistributed royalty-free with your applications.

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Published by Softel vdm, Inc.