About Visual FoxPro

While Visual FoxPro is not one of the platforms our products actively support, most of our ActiveX products will run without any problems under Visual FoxPro.

Issues you may encounter:

  • Visual FoxPro has limited support for the ISimpleFrame interface, which affects SftTree/OCX. Instead of the regular control, the NoContainer control should be used (see "Using SftTree/OCX with Other Development Tools" in the product's online help). SftTree/OCX cannot support ActiveX controls for cell editing when used with Visual FoxPro.
  • When using our property pages, accessed by right-clicking on the control in design mode, you may notice that the cursor disappears when the property pages appear. This is the case if the mouse cursor happens to be within the property pages when they are initially displayed. Moving the cursor outside of the property page dialog and returning to the dialog will properly display the cursor. This is a Visual FoxPro limitation which can be observed with all ActiveX controls, even Microsoft's own.