Simplified License Agreement

You can find the full "legalese" license agreement included with our products and demos and at Agreement. In a nutshell, for the non-lawyers, here is what we do for you when you purchase our product:

  • A licensed product can be used by exactly one user (developer, programmer). Multiple installations (laptop, desktop, etc.) are permitted provided only licensed users access/use the product.
  • A licensed product includes redistributable components ("controls") that can be included and distributed with your completed application, for use by end-users of your application.
  • Redistribution of controls with a completed application is royalty-free.
  • Don't make copies of the full software for anyone.
  • A license can be permanently transferred to another user (by submitting written notice). Support subscriptions are not transferable, but are renewable after a license transfer.
  • The product should work as documented in the help files, but if you run into problems, free product support is available during the first year after your purchase. After the first year, an optional support subscription renewal can be purchased.

Complete License Agreement

For the complete license agreement, please visit Agreement.