SftPrintPreview/OCX 1.0 FAQs

When output is initially displayed, it takes quite a while and a small dialog is displayed saying "Formatting Page nn". Why are all pages formatted just to display the first page?
Normally, formatting all pages is not necessary, except when you use the %total% variable in a header or footer. In order to render even the first page with a %total% variable, the total number of pages must be determined by formatting all pages.
I have a grid control. Can it be used with SftPrintPreview/OCX?
Probably not. SftPrintPreview/OCX doesn't paint controls, it calls the control to do the work. For this, mechanisms defined by SftPrintPreview/DLL 1.0 (SFTPRINTPREVIEW_CONTENTWINDOWMESSAGE) are used. If the control implements these mechanisms, it will work with SftPrintPreview/OCX. Presently, SftTree/DLL 5.0 (and newer) and SftTree/OCX 5.0 (and newer) support the required mechanisms.