How Does Online Delivery Work?

Once you have decided which product to purchase, you can:

  • Order online, or
  • Call (941) 505-8600 x1 (9 AM-5 PM weekdays, excluding holidays) and order the product using your credit card.

For online delivery you have to provide a valid email address. We do not accept web-based email addresses, such as,, etc.

When ordering online using a credit card, products are available immediately. As soon your order is processed, you will receive an email message. It contains the URL where the product can be downloaded from our web site, along with the license number and the installation password which are required to install the product.

All your licensing information is also added to your account, so you will always have access to your product downloads and licensing information simply by logging into your account.

How Long Does It Take?

When ordering online using your credit card, you will immediately receive the online delivery of the products ordered.

Telephone orders are processed within 2-3 hours.

When paying by check, your order will be processed once we receive your payment.